P.I.T. Crew

The PIT Crew, or Partners in Transformation, is about relationships and growth.
In High School PIT Crews, a handful of high school youth will partner weekly with an adult mentor of the same gender who will walk with them through the challenges of being a teenager. In our Middle School PIT Crews, an adult leader and their high school apprentice will meet with monthly with their group of guys or gals.

In these relationships, the emphasis is on transformation through friendship, prayer and God’s Word.

Those in a PIT Crew will meet weekly to talk about what is going on in life, pray for one another, and consider what God has said and how it applies to their current situations.

If you are a youth looking for some authentic relationships and to grow in Christ, or if you are an adult interested in mentoring, contact Mike Freeman and get plugged into a PIT Crew.

**UPDATE** During the fall High School PIT Crews are being combined with our Friday night “Digging Deeper” where youth are learning to discover the treasure of God’s Word in their PIT Crews!  Beginning in the New Year these groups will continue to meet but it will be on their own schedule during the week.